Somewhere in the ill-defined, always-misty, never-sunny area between Belgium and the Netherlands, the men from Handsome Johnny came together to make music. Music that captures the typical tales of the area: Getting lost in the woods, drinking beer in bars long past their prime, and fistfights that don’t always need a valid reason.Mark van Dijk, born in a place called Eight, always more interested in hanging out with cheaters and boozers than in a stellar career, is the band’s creative mastermind. Willem Schwaner, the stubborn son of a local forest ranger, bangs the drums like he was born in Nashville. Max Nohe, a strange South German fellow stranded in the Low Countries for reasons unknown, plays the Double Bass and other monstrosities.One day, Coos van de Klundert decided to sell his soul to the devil in exchange for supreme musical abilities and added his guitar-playing skills to the band.  

In 2017 the band released their debut EP ''First Round''. The new single Well oh Well came with a strong music video. In 2018, they will release Round 2.




Date Event Place
18-12-2018 CVO de Verdieping Heusden Zolder (BE)
29-12-2018 Besloten feest -
04-01-2019 Besloten feest -
05-01-2019 De Friescheclub Leeuwarden
25-01-2019 Muziek Centrum de Bosuil Weert
13-02-2019 tapperij 't Veulen 's-Hertogenbosch
28-02-2018 Poppodium de Duyker Hoofddorp
2-03-2019 Cowboys und Indianer Hamburg DE
06-03-2019 The Shakespear Herdecke DE
07-03-2019 Tsjaplin Antwerpen BE
08-03-2019 Terminus Brasserie Sarreguemines FR
9-03-2019 Far-West Rock'N'Roll Bar Liege/Luik BE
10-03-2019 Cafe Gij&Ik Gemert
24-03-2019 Kim's Kroeg Tilburg
21-04-2019 Cafe Nefast Bree (BE)
22-04-2019 Cowboy Up Honky Tonk Roadhouse Waardamme (BE)
Past Dates Event Place
23-11-2018 De Bark Heusden Zolder BE
18-11-2018 Cafe 't Nonnetje Amersfoort
17-11-2018 Pub84, Wanted Men ( Cash Tribute ) and Handsome Johnny Wolvega
16-11-2018 Cafe de Lijst, Wanted Men ( Cash Tribute ) and Handsome Johnny Hoogeveen
8-11-2018 Cafe de Cactus Hengelo
02-11-2018 Buitenman Muziek avonden Lage Mierden
12-10-2018 Cafe Merleyn Doetichem
7-10-2018 Kaffee Lambiek Tilburg
5-10-2018 LOLA050 Groningen
30-09-2018 Lokaal42 Helmond
29-09-2018 City Festival Veldhoven
22-09-2018 Cafe 't Keerpunt Spijkerboor
09-09-2018 Gasterij 't Spitje Kermis Mierlo Mierlo
08-09-2018 The Real Hanky Bielefeld (DE)
12-08-2018 Polderpop Leuth
15-07-2018 Kims Kroeg Tilburg
08-07-2018 Gimmert Gist speciaal bier festival Gemert
01-07-2018 Sunday Roots cafe Clouso Meppel
30-06-2018 Cafe Scooters Drachten
23-06-2018 B-Inspired Fest Cafe de Fantast Valkenswaard
17-06-2018 Cafe Atlanta Arnhem
16-06-2018 Van Zuiderzee naar meer, viering 100 jaar zuiderzeewet Lelystad
12-05-2018 Ambachtelijk Acht Acht
04-05-2018 On the house, Poppodium Willem Twee Den Bosch
03-05-2018 Cafe t'nonnetje Amersfoort
27-04-2018 King's Saloon, De Rozenknop Eindhoven
27-04-2018 Blue Collar Royal Kingsday festival Eindhoven
8-04-2018 Cafe De Sjoes Roosendaal
02-04-2018 Meppeler Parade cafe Clouso Meppel
25-.3-2018 Cafe de Piek Boxmeer
16-03-2018 Cafe 't Gemood Susteren
10-03-2018 Halfvasten Dientje Gemert